“No…natural hair isn’t hard to take of. You just want to look white!”

I am a young Motswana woman in my mid 20s and I pretty much grew in the village so conversations about race aren’t really a hot burning issue that everyone has an opinion on because…well...simply put…we belong to the same race! Even when I moved to the city for university the race conversation isn’t something... Continue Reading →

What to expect as a first time mom during the first week after labour

As a first time mom you have probably spent much of your pregnancy trying to picture what life will be like after your baby arrives so that you prepare yourself so that you can ease into your new role easily. You have probably imagined that you’ll spend hours and hours cuddling your baby and watching... Continue Reading →

Does Gentle Magic bleach your skin?

Gentle Magic Skincare Review You’ve probably seen Gentle Magic products in every supermarket you’ve visited in Botswana and you’ve probably heard someone talking about them. The Gentle magic products range from about P10 to P40. They are dermatologically tested and come in really simple packaging. I have pretty much used all the products from the... Continue Reading →

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